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Invictus Yacht 270FX world début at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2015


IMG_4578The 270FX is part of the Invictus Yacht outboard motor product range and can be fitted with one 350 hp or two 150 hp engines. At first glance the boat has an “All American” look with very clean, regular lines from her fisherman roots but interpreted in true Italian style with fanatical attention paid to details and the choice of raw materials used which make the 270FX more than elegant from every angle.
Fully open with “walk-around” centre-console and main deck designed to be both accommodating and flexible: the 270FX was has a unique way of making use of space with the console positioned a little more to the stern than usual to provide greater room at the bow. This means that the bow now houses a double bench seat with folding arms on both sides.
The twin purpose identity of the 270FX – You can build it and arrange it as you like
The boat with two distinct purposes. Its first role, dedicated to relaxation and holiday enjoyment, the bow area can be laid out with two different types of benches arranged – one is U-shaped following the lines of the bow while the other is straight line at the rear transom. The equipment fitted can also include a sun awning that extends from the rear bench to the double bench seat. The awning can be arranged in a square or a horseshoe shape thus creating a large area dedicated to sunbathing or relaxation. The sun awning is made of very light aluminium pads which, and when not in use, can be stowed away in the immense locker that makes the most of the full depth of the hull and is located under the double bench seat.
The 270FX has a cabin and head, cupboards on the starboard side and a full height shower on the port side.
The style is very soft with warm tones and the different spaces can be adapted to meet different tastes; a table can be added at the bow for example and awnings supported by tubes can be fitted at the bow or stern as the occasion demands. With the awnings overhead, the result is welcoming, relaxing and romantic thanks to the choice of materials and colours used.
In its second role as a “fisherman”, the boat has no seating fitted at either bow or stern and the overall colour scheme is a more muted ivory grey. Instead of the bench seat at the bow is a “fisherman’s box” with a water tap, a cutting board, a drawer for bait and hooks and a tank for live bait. There is also excellent lighting and a pump for washing (available as an optional extra). The “fisherman” version also offers greater storage space below deck with washable lockers and spray systems fed by the bilge pump. These lockers are ideal for storing your catch or for scuba equipment. Fresh and salt water taps can be supplied on request for washing the cockpit.
The beauty of optional extras
Among the many optional extras and configurations you can choose from, the various types of pilot’s seats have drawn a lot of attention. In standard version, the seats are vertical with a back rest fastened to an icebox. There is also a small drawer/table and five rod holders that can be used as the uprights for a backrest. Additional cushions, backrests and foot rests can be supplied to provide the optimum driving position. A further optional extra is the “stand-up” seating (as fitted standard on the 280TT) with ergonomically advanced seats and galley equipment with gas rings, wash basin and additional cupboards.
Invictus Yachts – Boats that can be altered over time
The 270FX was designed to have everything you could need aboard a well equipped boat that you use from day one and, like all Invictus Yacht models, can be configured to your liking and then be altered at a later stage. If, for example, you decide to have a sun awning over the cockpit, a divan at the bow and a “leaning” type pilot’s seat, in the event you want to use the boat for another purpose, you can simply replace all these items with others that are available. This means that working from the same base, you can have a boat that serves many purposes. You can range from very sporting and technical to great elegance and style with a host of combination in between.
Christian Grande – Invictus Yacht designer says: “If I had to define this boat, I’d say it’s like an SUV, a car that has no fear of off-road. We have targeted a fairly sophisticated customers who like a well finished boat to spend time on and who like to sleep in comfort. We have built a service around the boat that can always be used in a refined and elegant way”.
Hull and “muscles” – Ideas borrowed from Nature
The hull has a high performance, stable design thanks to its significant waterline beam which provides excellent transverse stability. The lines and the boat’s behaviour are however both fluid and manageable and the accentuated “V” of the bow slices through the water with ease even when the sea is rough. The 270FX has a “muscular” appearance which is typical of Christian Grande designs and which are easily distinguished by the almost “organic” ribs along the sides which blend in with a very “squared off” bow that is reminiscent of a hammerhead shark. Apart from dynamic considerations, the aim of this design is to transmit a sense of strength and safety and the result is that once aboard, crew and passengers, alike feel very protected. This feeling is further enhanced by the numerous grab rails which. apart from making fishing easier (if the model chosen is the “fisherman” version), increase both actual and perceived safety.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy