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Real-time maritime simulators: Kongsberg Maritime and Algoryx Simulation combined development


KM_KSim_aft_bridge-42988Kongsberg Maritime and Algoryx Simulation have signed a five year agreement, which supports Kongsberg Maritime’development of fidelity in its K-Sim range of maritime simulator systems.
Simulators are essential tools in training, planning, prototyping and decision-making for anchor handling, navigation, dynamic positioning, crane handling and many other complex processes at sea.
Kongsberg Maritime, a Norwegian company, boasts a forty-year experience in simulation: it provides the industry with the most realistic and pedagogically sound simulators, which are ideal for research, development and pre-mission planning.
Algoryx Simulation, whose founders were the first to create a human-in-the-loop-simulators for heavy ground vehicles utilizing real-time physics simulation fully integrated with 3D graphics, nowadays develops real time physics simulation technologies for integration into maritime simulators, resulting in realistic motion dynamics. Algoryx’ physics simulation kernel, AgX Dynamics, can solve millions of physics equation in real time, enabling integrated simulation of the many interacting mechanical components of maritime systems, such as wires, chains, winches, anchors, cranes, engines, drums and more. These simulations are fully integrated with wind and water dynamics as well as ship hydrodynamics.
Kongsberg Maritime and Algoryx Simulation have been collaborating already for eight years: their collaboration has now been secured in a premium partnership for another five plus five year period of research and development.
“From Algoryx’ simulation engine, we get unprecedented simulation performance, which contributes to quality and stability in our marine training simulators,” says Erik Hovland, General Manager Simulation, Kongsberg Maritime. “The agreement ensures that we can fine-tune our simulator precision and performance whilst adapting to future advanced training requests.”
Kenneth Bodin, CEO of Algoryx, states: “Kongsberg Maritime’s experience in maritime simulation combined with our competence in physics simulations have contributed tremendous value to the development of AgX Dynamics. At the same time, I am convinced that our technologies, when used in operator training simulators, have contributed to offshore safety and reduced the number of accidents as well as made many operations more effective and economic.”


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