Two joint winners for the DAME Design Award 2015

DAMEAward_winnersDAME Award’s winners were announced at METS 2015, the world’s largest show for marine equipment, materials and systems.

The DAME Design Award is the most prestigious international design competition for new marine equipment and accessories and it brings together many of the important global marine product launches of the year. It was initiated 25 years ago with the aim of highlighting the importance of design for all marine products throughout a product’s lifecycle, from conception, to manufacturing and user experience.
The Jury assesses entries for design in all aspects, from aesthetics to functionality and use of materials. Crucial factors influencing the choice of winners are innovation and originality, expected impact on the marine industry, suitability, cost effectiveness, environmental impact, price-to-quality ratio.
This year the Jury inspected 108 entries from 24 countries, nominating 51 products in the final judging rounds. Among these, a winner was selected for each of the seven categories (marine electronics and marine related software; interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins; marina equipment, boatyard equipment and boat construction tools and materials; deck equipment, sails and rigging; clothing and crew accessories; lifesaving and safety equipment; machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings). From these, two joint DAME Award overall winners were chosen and nine Special Mentions were identified.
Regarding the joint winners, the Jury found itself to decide between one of the lowest priced products in the room and one of the more complex entries. In the end, they decided to celebrate the DAME Award’s 25th anniversary by awarding two joint winners.

The winners

Spinlock Lume-on™ 
Taking advantage of modern LED technology, Spinlock launch Lume-On, tiny LED lights that can be attached to the lifejacket bladder, turning the whole lifejacket into a glowing light. With the lifejacket bladder then acting like a large ‘diffuser’ of light, suddenly the MOB becomes even more visible, the florescent bladder forming a mass of light.
The DAME Jury welcomes rethinking of everyday items of marine equipment, especially when it leads to enhanced safety at an affordable price. The Spinlock Lume-On’s cleverness, simplicity of application and accessible cost was much admired.

Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin and Interceptor System
The stabiliser’s 24V DC servo, its 360° rotating fin (to combat anchor walking), its failsafe fin attachment (design to preserve hull integrity in case of a strike) and its full integration with interceptor trim devices would each be worthy of consideration on their own. As a package, it is an impressive piece of technology that promises a step forward in comfort afloat. Fully coordinating the effort of pitch and trim is a development that might to lead to better handling and reduced fuel consumption.
Good design needs to drive better experiences for people afloat as the whole industry seeks to attract new generations: in the growing market for stabilisers Humphree introduced a series of notable improvements.