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Iguana Yachts, amphibious speedboats as superyacht tenders


iguana-yachts-014Amphibous boats are traditionally used in warfare navies and they were of crucial importance on Normandy D-Day. Nowadays they no longer represent exclusively military vessels: Iguana Yachts, a company located in Caen, a town not far from the D-Day beaches, introduced the amphibious mobility system in yachts with a strong design innovation, and is now known internationally for its French haute couture luxury amphibious boats. The company relies on many investors from France, Bahreïn and USA as well as on the support of the French Maritime Industry.
The first Iguana Yacht was shown to the public in 2011, and the promise of freedom to drive effortlessly directly from the beach to the open water in a matter of seconds quickly convinced mega yachts owners and captains to use it as a tender.
Iguana Yachts are fully customizable and highly engineered speedboats which can travel up to 40 knots and can land on every kind of soil thanks to their landing gears.
With rubber tracks, they are perfect to climb anywhere even with heavy loads and able to fold on the sides of the boat to disappear except for the rubber bands, kept out as fenders.
The advanced carbon fiber unibond frame increases strength and rigidity while reducing weight, making Iguana Yachts lighter than the average boats of their category even though carrying a landing gear.
Fitted with the very latest technology, the vessels are yet built with sheer simplicity mechanisms: simplicity of hydraulic propulsion, carbon nylon wheels and stainless-steel bearings provide long-term hassle-free operation and easy maintenance.
A 2 liters, 4 cylinders electronic injection German engine, coupled to 3 electronic hydraulic pumps, wired controlled by the ECU with the primary computer located at the console, power the vessels.
The Iguana Yachts are distributed all around the world and are now recognized as the best amphibious boats ever built.