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Zipwake Dynamic Trim-Control System


Zipwake_Technical_Brochure_001_Control_Panel_Front Zipwake is a new Dynamic Trim-Control System featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and an innovative design to provide a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption no matter the conditions.
Zipwake is a new Swedish marine brand committed to the large-scale enhancement of ride comfort and dynamic performance of boats with affordable motion-control equipment combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive robust design.
A selected team of engineers with solid knowledge and experience from both the marine and automotive industry worked together for three years and a half to design and produce complete and highly competitive solutions to the well-known trim problems of planing and semi-planing boats.
Their common aim was achieved when the first Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control system, the Series S, was ready for launch at METS 2014.

Zipwake Series S
Zipwake Series S is the world’s first inexpensive dynamic trim-control system, incorporating a state-of-the-art family of durable, fast-acting interceptors, with a fully automatic system.
Zipwake is designed to dynamically eliminate uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll, increasing comfort and safety. It is also able to minimize automatically wave resistance so to save fuel without compromising performance.
Smart ride controller
Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched precise control of running trim, heel or heading, with the most intuitive interface. Zipwake’s 3D controls provide the driver with user-friendly, intuitive and precise control of running trim, heel or heading that is unmatched. Integral, high- frequency GPS, 3D gyro sensors and a robust motion controller all come as standard along with a sunlight readable color display.
State-of-the-art interceptors
Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide effective lift force characteristics.
Compared to trim tabs with narrow span, near full beam interceptor arrangements are more efficient at making lift. With its interceptor blade extending just 30 mm, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm, Zipwake substantially reduces drag. Moreover, the blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, which is 5 time faster than conventional trim tabs.
Interceptors provide more effective trim control creating less waves which directly leads to better fuel economy.
An all-inclusive kit box
All-inclusive mass-produced modular design provides built-in quality, simple installation and easy expansion for a complete set, the kit box, whilst making the system affordable and competitive.
A Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting interceptors: any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of Series S interceptors. All components have been engineered to withstand impact and avoid water ingress, minimizing the risk of costly maintenance and downtime.