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The 43rd Nauticsud, International Nautic Show in Naples, presents its programme


nauticsud-2015-640x256Today the official programme of the 43rd edition of NauticSud, will be presented. The International Nautical Show in Naples will take place at the Mostra d’Oltremare starting from February 27th.
The event is organised by ANRC (Associazione Nautica Regionale Campana, the regional nautical association of Campania) in collaboration with the Ente Mostra, which is going to host the official presentation as well in the room “Italia”.
Italian shipyards and operators in the maritime industry, from sailing groups to educational institutions, research centres, touristic harbours, and similar associations were invited to take part into the event and to collect innovative ideas for the next edition of NauticSud.
“The started work – explains Gennaro Amato, president of the ANRC – was born with the aim of tracing a path through which we could reinforce the synergies among Italian entrepreneurs in this market segment. This is the starting point, and we are working taking into deep consideration the needs of the maritime clientele.”
The official programme is presented by Donatella Chiodo, Mostra d’Oltremare’s president and by Giuseppe Oliviero, delegate counsellor. “Mostra d’Oltremare – explains Chiodo – with NauticSud would like to talk not only about shipyards but also about sea-economy, wealth of Naples and Campania. In the purpose of a bigger openness of Mostra d’Oltremare to the city, during NauticSud, thanks to the synergy with the Federazione Italiana Vela – V zona and with the sport department of Naples Municipality, we will also give space to sports, involving schools to make children know the marvels of sailing”.
“The new launch of Nauticsud – adds Oliviero – was one of our objective and we reached it, thanks also to our synergy with ANRC and the tenacity of the president Gennaro Amato himself. We had a strong response from shipyards and from the entire nautical field, which means that the city was waiting the return of such an historic manifestation strongly linked to the sea, the central element in Naples. The first step is the coming back of exhibitors in Mostra, who will welcome a public made of sea-enthusiasts, after that, from the 2017 edition, we will also aim for the return of the sea-oriented part of NauticSud with the large yachts.”
Mostra d’Oltremare is a multi-functional complex and natural park: an architectural, historic, cultural site, integrated in the western part of Naples and the venue of business activities, ranging from exhibitions and conferences to events and shows.


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