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MJM Yachts LLC’s latest 50-footer, the 50z


MJM yachtsThe latest powerboat by MJM Yachts LLC, the 50z, was introduced in summer 2014 and was recently showcased at the Yacht Miami Beach. It is the largest of the five yachts of the “z” series by Bob Johnstone’s ( J-Boat co-founder) started-up company.
The yacht was designed in partnership with Boston Boatworks and Zurn Yacht Design, and it features higher-tech construction, high performance and spaciousness.
Afte the success of the previous 40z, Johnstone thought about a slightly larger vessel with improved performances, including fuel efficiency, speed, seaworthiness, and ease of operation. The owners to which the new project is addressed are those who are downsizing from bigger yachts but are still looking for a comfortable and easily maneuverable boat without a captain.
A higher-tech construction was needed. The choice was an epoxy-composite method, which guarantees more flexibility, strength and lightweight compared to the common polyester and Vinyl Ester in use in boatbuilding.
The stronger the boat, the lower the center of gravity: this resulting into less rolling, which is one of the causes of seasickness and  one of the most common problems in boating. Concerning stability, the 50z is the first boat produced by the company to be fitted out as standard with a Seakeeper Gyrostabilizer.
For maneuverability and ease of handling, the 50z incorporates a Volvo Penta IPS joystick and Dynamic Positioning System.
The lighter the boat, the faster it goes. Triple engines power the 50z, which is so capable of a top speed of 40 knots and cruises at 35 knots. Such a stunning performance without even burning that much fuel, compared to other 50-footers on the market. The 50z gets 0.7 nautical mpg, or the efficiency other boats get at 25 knots.
The 50z’s bridge-deck was designed open to please those want to truly live the experience of boating, with fresh air and full views. The yacht also features power windows so that the boat can be opened up offering a center-console-boat feel, and below, a wall system can easily be erected in the salon and galley area to create a private twin or double cabin, below which there is a forward stateroom.


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