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Oceanco and Van Geest Design’s new Moonstone superyacht concept


Oceanco MoonstoneOceanco and Van Geest Design presented their innovative joint superyacht concept, the 90-metre Moonstone, at the latest edition of the Dubai International Boat Show.
Her name coming from the precious stone known for its dazzling sheen, the new vessel will be boasting a stunning design feature: the hull sides will be covered by back-lightened panels, with 300 dimmable white triangles per hull side which can be individually illuminated (powered by 70sqm of solar panels on the superstructure).
The lighting design includes a backlit surface of the overhead panel, which is linked to fish-eye cameras, allowing the choice of mood and ambiance. A spectacular, shimmering effect comes to life at dusk and fills the night with magical lights and atmospheres customisable by the owners and enjoyable from the coastal areas in the distance.
Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design is the studio behind this amazing feature. Tiphaine Treins from Temeloy so commented the project: “To transform a yacht with light is not just about the quality of the light or the choice of the fitting, it is also the delicate, nuanced dance between tone, shadow, and brilliance. Through this difficult-to-achieve equilibrium it is possible to shape the emotional, even spiritual flow of this yacht.”
Pieter van Geest explained the innovation of the Moonstone’s most inspiring feature: “When looking at all the yachts around us we felt the need to make something unique. In yacht design there are only so many things you can play with. Certain parts of the boat are mainly functional like the hull, and are therefore never really addressed. We find this area/surface has a lot of potential. We wanted to do something with that right from the beginning.”
Other features include an owner’s deck, a sky deck lounge offering 360-degree panoramic views and unfolding navigational wings to increase visibility. The superyacht has been engineered to be PYC-compliant and she will accommodate more than 12 guests. Two MTU 20V4000 M73L engines will power Moonstone to a maximum speed of 18.5 knots.