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La Petite Terrasse, a yacht whose inspiration comes from the art of living and the Mediterranean sea


lapetiteterrasseLujac Desautel, a yacht designer whose education is from the School of Architecture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and whose experiences include three summers spent onboard and an internship at Pastrovich Studio, has been nominated among the 6 finalists for the Boat International’s 2016 Young Designer of the Year with his yacht concept “La petite Terrasse”.
The Boat International’s 2016 Young Designer of the year is a new award aimed to celebrate the best of superyacht design from student and trainee designers. The competition has been designed to relate to a realistic client request, so it is a task-based competition: the proposals are expected to convey a lifestyle appropriate to a superyacht in a practically buildable project. This year’s breef was to design a yacht for an Italian fashion designer who loves to entertain outside.
Inspired by the typical Mediterranean architecture, La Petite Terrasse is a 45-metre motor yacht featuring wide open terraces overlooking the sea.
“Portofino is recognised for its villas set against the turquoise Mediterranean sea and the generous outdoor areas etched into the hillsides. These architectural nuances are an inspiration for the type of lifestyle the owner desires on her yacht,” Lujac Desautel so explained his project.
“The result is a layering of spaces: terraces of varying sizes create an interplay between living indoors and outdoors and the necessity of flexible spaces for the company of guests on board. Each terrace has a unique shape lending itself to diverse uses such as an open air cinema, diving board, outdoor living room, fitness area, dance floor, or even a fashion show. Most importantly, Le Petit Terrasse is about creating a home on the water.”
The yacht concept combines with stunning fluidity indoor and outdoor spaces, which are maximized. Designed on a several-deck layout including a pool deck, a theatre deck, a main deck and a sun deck, on top of two terraces, the 45m yacht also hosts living quarters to convey the feeling of a true home at the sea.
La Petite Terrasse is the confluence of architecture and the yachting lifestyle into a space that celebrates being outside on the sea.


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