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Marcelo Penna’s new 60-metre yacht support vessel


MP support trimaranThe Barcelona-based Marcelo Penna Yacht Design studio unveiled its latest yacht support vessel, the Yacht Shadow Vessel 60.
The vessel’s design is based upon the Spanish company’s MP625 offshore platform, which allows for excellent sea keeping capabilities, generous on-deck storage spaces and a highly efficient hull shape.
The YSV60 features room enough to receiving a large helicopter such as an Airbus H155, and to house safe storage and refueling capabilities in a central hangar. The vessel’s fleet of tenders, toys, and landing craft can also be stored in this same space on board, in a completely sheltered environment.
The hydrodynamic shape of her trimaran hull offers a transoceanic range without compromising high speeds. Her small water plane area at surface level aids in added stability due to the reduced affect of ocean conditions on the hull. The YSV60 can also provide accommodation for up to 12 guests.