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The Genoa Boat Show after the latest disagreements between Ucina and Nautica Italiana


INAUGURAZIONE DEL 46/MO SALONE NAUTICO DI GENOVAAfter some of the biggest brands of the Italian nautical industry (such as Azimut-Benetti, Ferretti Group, Baglietto) announced that they will not take part in the Genoa Boat Show, Carla Demaria, president of Ucina, gave her own opinion on the matter.
First of all, about Nautica Italiana leaving Confindustria, she recalls that, even though Nautica Italiana claims to unite the 67 companies representing the 80% of the boat production and the 95% of the exports, Ucina represents 300 companies and more than 500 brands, which are the 70% of the whole nautical industry in Italy. To maintain two groups representing the same industry was not possible in Confindustria, and it chose to keep the most representative, Ucina. According to Demaria, it would have been wiser for those brands who joined Nautica Italiana to actively participate in the debate inside Ucina, and to have a constructive approach, instead of generating a fight that might damage the whole sector.
The decision not to take part in the Genoa Boat Show, in Demaria’s opinion, was more a slight rather than a strategic choice. Even without the attendance of the big Italian brands, the Genoa Boat Show is growing, with a 21% increment of the attendances and the 57% of companies investing more in the stands. The big international groups are coming back to the show, including brands such as Princess Yachts, Canados, Chantiers Amel, Fjord, Najad, Rodman, Sealine, 3B Craft, Tornado Yachts. The Italian brands deserting the Genoa Boat Show are definitely missing an opportunity to showcase the best of the Made in Italy together with the international competitors: such a choice, according to Ucina’s president, risks to damage the growth of the Italian nautical industry.
Demaria wishes that the relationships between Ucina and Nautica Italiana could become positive and collaborative again, in order to enhance together the Italian nautical industry.