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The limited edition Kormaran K7 unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show


kormorank7Kormaran, a Salzburg -based company founded in 2010, unveiled its latest limited edition tender, the Kormaran K7, at the inaugural Monaco Yacht Show gala party yesterday evening. For the second year in a row, Kormaran, as partner of the Monaco Yacht Show organization, showed its new class of boats in front of the Hotel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo.
The K7 is a perfect balance of comfort and safety: it can either be an elegant, stable multi-purpose day-boat or a sunbathing island when at anchor. This impressive tender takes advantage from the technologies currently used in the automotive industry (Formula 1), in the aviation and in the speed-boat sector (America’s Cup). Engine performance reaches up to 900 hp depending on the configuration chosen by the owner. The K7 is able to travel at speeds up to 50 knots in its powerboat configuration, and almost 40 knots in the hydrofoil configuration. New features are now customisable in the Kormaran range, including hulls, ROTAX 300 hp engines, a new exhaust system and a new transmission system.
“The K7 is a real eye-catcher, technologically unmatched, and promising a thrilling experience,” commented Dr. Oliver Kormann, Founder and Owner of Kormaran. “The K7 First Edition is a high-end luxury product, manufactured with the highest super sports car automotive quality standards, in a limited edition of only 50 personalised masterpieces. It is also a state of the art in cutting edge technology and a statement of today’s possibilities in design and styling without compromising customer’s desires and demands.”
The limited edition is under construction, and the first deliveries are expected in Spring 2017.
Kormaran will display its latest product at QR3 on the Quai Rainier 1er.