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HEMY, new 110m high-efficiency motoryacht concept


The High Efficiency Motoryacht (HEMY), a new 110-metre superyacht concept, has recently been unveiled by Laurent Giles. The British naval architect and his studio have also presented their new approach to conceptual design, which involves a much stronger focus on architectural and technological aspects of the project, rather than aesthetics alone.

Nowadays, several innovative concepts are entering the superyacht market, but the technology needed to make them a reality is often being conceived at a later stage. Laurent Giles has thus started creating new projects based on a more technological perspective, as well as a fully comprehensive design.

HEMY features a design platform where accommodation is optimised without compromising efficiency and sea-keeping capabilities, which has become quite uncommon for superyachts trying to maximise interior volumes in heavy and inefficient hulls.

“The concept was to start with a typical 70-75-metre yacht and lengthen the hull to offer increased interior volume and remain within a 3000-gross tonnage limit”, explained managing director David Lewis. “Not only does the HEMY offer increased accommodation volume, but with its more efficient length-to-beam ratio and lighter displacement-to-length, it offers significant improvements in performance and seakeeping.”

“The HEMY concept with the same power as a typical 75-metre achieves speed improvements of two to three knots, or in other words, achieves the same cruising or top speed for about 65 per cent of the power, with corresponding savings in fuel consumption.”

The aesthetics of the overall design is simple and minimalistic, but the style will be customisable according to the owner’s wishes and tastes.