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Furuno new Antenna Intellian v65 presented


Furuno presents the new Intellian v65, a newly designed 65 cm marine stabilized communications antenna system which is the world’s first and only 60 cm class antenna capable of top RF performance in either Ku-band or Ka-band. A minimal investment in a compact conversion kit allows the v65 to be converted from Ku- to Ka-band operation in as little as 10 minutes. Supporting either Ku- or Ka-band, this is an ideal product to provide the kind of flexibility required by any global maritime business.

The improved RF performance over all other 60 cm systems positions the v65 extremely well with the high throughput Ku-band capacity now coming online. The v65’s high efficiency reflector and feed design deliver dramatically improved gain performance for increased fidelity of service and improved overall link margin. Service providers can now leverage the superior performance to access new market segments by building new, attractive service plans offering truly global coverage, higher throughput, and larger sized data plans.

The product is shipped without any stow brackets on the pedestal, and the RF connectors are accessible from a small external panel, so there is no longer any need to remove the radome during pre-installation testing or during installation itself. Saving time through both of these processes enhances the efficiency of installation and activation. The v65 is also capable of supporting automated commissioning once it has been integrated within a satellite network.

Key Features

  • Exceptional 60cm class Performance – The v65 antenna provides exceptional Superior Gain and G/T than existing 60cm Ku-Band Antenna systems out in the market. Live network testing shows the v65 offers an average of 1.2 dB/k improvement in G/T over any other system in its class, and can achieve download speeds up to 100Mbps over high throughput satellites, such as Intelsat’s EPIC constellation.
  • Frequency Flexibility – Intellian v65 is the world’s first and only 60cm class antenna system which can operate in both Ku- and Ka-bands through a simple conversion process. Using one of Intellian’s on-board conversion kits, users can swap out key RF components in as little as 10 minutes to convert from one frequency to another, delivering maximum performance in any geography and ensuring a future-proof communications solution for end users all over the world.
  • Enhanced Reliability – The v65 antenna adopts the latest generation 60-80cm class pedestal design, which was developed as a special product for the Korean Coast Guard with approximately 100 units operating in the field for nearly three years. The new design features updated motor technology with built-in encoders, improving reliability and tracking precision while eliminating three belts from the three-axis stabilization system.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – The v65, no longer be a need to remove the radome during installation or testing, and the antennas are shipped without the traditional red transit brackets. Direct cable connections provided on the bottom exterior of the radome eliminate the need to do any wiring inside during installation. Also, capable of supporting automated commissioning once it has been properly integrated within a satellite network.
  • Remote Access via Aptus – Built-in web interface enables remote upgrades and diagnostics via Aptus web. Easily connect to the Wi-Fi enabled ACU with Aptus Mobile. Aptus enables simple system control and monitoring, including OneTouch Satellite library and firmware updates. Aptus mobile is available from the App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play for Android devices.