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Lalizas supports the Sea Shepherd Community


Sea Shepherd and LalizasAlways highly aware of the issues regarding the protection of marine wildlife, Lalizas is delighted to announce the sponsorship of life saving equipment to the international, non-profit organization Sea Shepherd.

For over 40 years, Sea Shepherd has been a global community acknowledged for its spontaneous interest in the safeguard of ecosystem and the protection of habitat in the world’s oceans, taking direct actions to confront illegal activities on the high seas.

Travelling all over the world, the crew of Sea Shepherd’s ship faces many dangers in daily basis, exposing themselves to inclement weather conditions and unlawful interests.

When Sea Shepherd Community approached Lalizas for sponsoring their effort, we were honoured by their trust and more than willing to support them, offering life saving equipment such as:

  • “Sigma” Inflatable lifejackets
  • “Stella” Lifebuoy LED lights SOLAS
  • Lifejacket LED flashing lights and many other.

“We congratulate Sea Shepherd Community for their courageous initiative and deep responsibility towards future generations and we will be always by their side to help them preserving a balanced ocean biodiversity.”


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Built to the highest specification and designed for self-installation, Frigomatic refrigeration systems

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