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Absolute Navetta 73 featuring Volvo Penta’s latest IPS


Absolute Navetta 73, fitted with the latest Volvo Penta IPSItalian yacht-builder Absolute recently revealed its new vessel, the Navetta 73, at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The yacht is powered by Volvo Penta’s new, highest performance model from the Inboard Performance System (IPS) range, the D13-IPS1350.

Volvo Penta’s latest and highest performance engine-propulsion system, D13-IPS1350, has been chosen by yacht-builder Absolute, to power its latest vessel in the Navetta line. For the third and largest yacht in the series, the premium yacht-builder wanted the Navetta 73 to be installed with an engine and propulsion system that could provide exceptional performance and maneuverability, excellent fuel efficiency and great on-board comfort.

“We think Volvo Penta IPS is a unique choice, and we have a lot of experience in using it in all our vessels, and so of course we wanted the IPS1350 for our new boat,” says Cesare Mastroianni, vice president of sales, and chief commercial officer at Absolute.

“From a design point of view, it gives us a better choice for the under-deck accommodation with the dimensions we need. And it offers good on-board comfort because the engine and the gear box produce low noise and very little vibration.

“Also, the drivability is great as it’s an integrated system with the use of joystick docking, the Electronic Vessel Control and Glass Cockpit, and the Dynamic Positioning System. The fuel economy and low pollution, and the exhaust management are much better than a traditional shaft engine.”

Adopting the philosophy of Volvo Penta IPS

Absolute was founded in 2002 and is based near Piacenza, northern Italy. It makes yachts in the flybridge, sport and Navetta styles. The Navetta line was first introduced in 2015 and combines traditional external styling with modern technology and contemporary interior décor. The twin installation of Volvo Penta’s D13-IPS1350 for the new Navetta 73 allows for more on-board space, enabling the interior designer to create a layout that might normally be seen on a larger yacht. The 73ft yacht can reach a speed of 27 knots, with a range exceeding 300 miles.

“We have adopted the philosophy of Volvo Penta’s IPS engineering and have had a very positive response from the market for the first two Navetta models,” says Mastroianni. “Customers were asking for new boats with different dimensions and so we created the Navetta 73. The large dimensions, high comfort and innovation, have charmed the clientele.”

He adds: “We have a very good dialogue with Volvo Penta – they are very open minded in accepting our suggestions, because of course, we get requests from customers, so our proposals are driven by the market. We have two more Navetta models in development that will also use IPS.”

Ultimate achievement

The new D13-IPS1350 is a milestone in the IPS range. It features Volvo Penta’s first 1000hp marine leisure engine, along with an upgraded pod drive that has been enhanced to match the extra power of the engine. The unit has been created to power yachts up to 120ft, and provides higher performance and greater durability than previous models in the range, while producing the excellent on-board comfort that IPS is known for.

Volvo Penta IPS is an integrated package from helm to prop, and the innovative design of the twin forward-facing counter-rotating propellers sit below the water for superior grip. This enables faster acceleration and top speed, higher fuel efficiency, a longer cruising range, lower emissions, and reduced noise and vibration.

“The Navetta 73 represents the ultimate achievement of the continuous collaboration and progression between Absolute and Volvo Penta,” says Nicola Pomi, head of the marine market for Italy, Spain and Portugal, at Volvo Penta. “The result is a real benchmark in the long-range yacht market. Thanks to our D13-IPS1350, this boat emphasizes a reduction of noise, vibration and fuel consumption, and an increase in the amount of space on board, all of which provide the owner with excellent performance and a great sense of comfort.”