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Simrad and Xenta: a great partnership for autopilot systems

autopilot boat yacht

xenta yacht techologyXENTA enhances its integrated steering systems with a new interface dedicated to SIMRAD autopilots, which will make available newly designed functions, that utilize the rudders independently and enhancing most of the autopilot functions. A technology currently used in fine sports cars, now makes navigation more efficient, and safe, without masking the feeling of going to sea, conversely enhancing it.

Pilot By Wire

Since 2004, XENTA has been producing maneuvering systems for the boating industry with the aim of enhancing the qualities of each boat, making its operation safe and completely user friendly. The company utilizes electronics and mechatronics to create a “Pilot by Wire” connection from the helm and the parts responsible for controlling the motion (engines, inverters and propellers) and steering (rudders) of the boat. Thanks to a CAN BUS connection, all mechanical connections are replaced by electrical signals giving greater efficiency, responsiveness and precision to the exchange of information between the driver and the boat achieving true total integration.
Speaking specifically about the rudder, digital information exchanged between the XENTA helm and the Main Control Unit allow dedicated software to precisely control the yacht’s rudder. The rudders are driven by electro-hydraulic actuators. XENTA can enhance performance with the coupled blades, but with independent ones, able to rotate individually at different rates, depending on hull speed and driving conditions. The independent use of the rudders, at different speeds, enhances the performance of the boat, reduces speed loss throughout the turns and ensures maximum safety at all speeds and in all situations.

Tactile Steering System

XENTA’s “Tactile Steering System” offers the driver unique sensations, a true automotive-style driving feeling. The steering wheel is self-centering, returning autonomously to its center position, optimizing the end of the turn. When the wheel has returned to its central position, direction keeping is automatically activated – Autocourse Function. This relieves the captain of the tedious task of making continuous small corrections. When the captain is ready to take the wheel our “Tactile” Function fluidly adapts the helms sensitivity and adjusts the length of stroke, to experience an enhanced level of feel and control never felt before with a precision and turning fluidity never before achieved in the nautical industry.

Simrad and Xenta combine their technologies

rudder technologyA big plus of the system is the interface dedicated to SIMRAD autopilot systems. This integration takes place via CAN BUS connection and is, therefore, totally efficient, reactive and precise. The NMEA interface used by both XENTA and SIMRAD allows for newly developed advanced functions, of independent rudder use, enhancing most of the autopilot functions.

The XENTA APP, a collaboration development with Naviop (part of the Simrad Group), will be increasingly integrated into the entire range of SIMRAD displays and will be able to provide detailed information on all XENTA products. It will not be limited to the Steering System with Active Helm, but will also report information about the “Joystick Docking System”, “Dynamic Positioning” and “Engine Control”.