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The e-mobility revolution lands in Italian ports


e-mobilityThose who frequent Italian ports are witnessing a continuous change in the landscape, both in terms of infrastructure and services.

According to the legislative decree n.190 of 13 October 2010, for which marine managers have”at their disposal the instruments aimed at the development of strategies for the marine environment and the adoption of  measures to achieve and maintain a good environmental status by 2020“, the startup, protagonist in the front row of the e-mobility revolution, accelerates without polluting.

A partnership for the environment

Italian Marines looking for pluses that can guarantee the loyalty of their customers, but also attract an increasingly attentive and demanding user, especially with regard to environmental protection, will be able to count on the strategic solution offered by the partnership between Yess.Energy (Friem Group) and Askoll, Italian manufacturer of electric two-wheeled vehicles, and Cooltra, the largest European company for scooter rental service and already successfully and satisfactorily tested by the marinas of Villasimius, Brindisi, Teulada and Chiavari.

The inclusion of electric vehicles, even two-wheeled, with the installation of photovoltaic panels and fast charging columns signed, is the first step towards a 360° adaptation to ensure environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, at zero cost.

Zero waste, more savings. Gianluca Mandotti, CEO of Yess.Energy, now committed to start the “green island” project on more Ligurian marinas, explains: “The legislative decree is the driving force behind these changes in the Italian Marines. In light of the basic principle of the above mentioned decree” it is in everyone’s interest to guarantee a sustainable use of resources in the marine environment.

Our proposal (electronic invoice compliant), foresees an e-mobility service in the nautical world, preparatory to the realization of the general revolution project of the Italian Marines. Starting from energy saving by virtue of eco-sustainability, resources can be collected to be used, for example, for ancillary investments and the creation of further services through the adoption of even more performing solutions”.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy