Rizzardi INfive takes shape and discloses its lines

rizzardi yachts

italian yacht rizzardiAfter the success of INsix, the first born of the Rizzardi Yachts “IN” range launched in 2019, the shipyard is working at full speed to complete the new INfive model in time for the presentation of the boat in the next autumn boat shows.

The yacht preserves the typical features of the great Rizzardi open boats that have decreed the success of the brand for this type of hull. The distinctive features maintain the shipyard philosophy: a boat with a sporty soul and a sailing comfort.

Talking about the technical characteristic, the boat will be equipped with a Man 800 I6 engine, a surface transmissions and an Easy-Set system for automatic control of the navigation position. The maximum design speed is around 45 knots.

Comfort onboard and high customisation

Rizzardi aims to capture a clientele that prefers performance yachts that are at the same time comfortable and have a very high level of customization. So the shipyard is focused on boats tailored to specific owner’s requests, creating a unique and recognizable product.

There are therefore different solutions that can be applied both in terms of layout and in the selection of furnishings. The first models are in the production line with different choices by the respective owners. The most interesting solutions are represented by an internal layout consisting of 3 cabins plus the crew cabin or, alternatively, 3 cabins plus the garage for the tender. Both toilets are served by a separate shower room.

There are two possible layouts also on the deck level: have a door that separates the saloon from the aft area or opt for an open-space solution that makes the entire decking contiguous. In the cockpit there is also a TV, hidden inside a special closet, which can be opened electrically.

Last but not least, the yacht is designed for the installation of sophisticated systems for the management of on-board plants.

After the recent debut of Insix, which inaugurated the new Rizzardi line of open boats and the start of production of the new INfive, the shipyard is already working on the design phase of the boat that will represent the top of the range, namely INeight.