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Boero Group paints Italy’s biggest tricolour flag

boero italy expo 2020 dubai

italy expo preparationBoero Group, Official Partner of the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, continues to work tirelessly to develop outstanding materials used to decorate both its exteriors and certain interior areas.

The company is supplying not only existing products, but also researching and developing even more innovative and sustainable solutions for this special occasion. Over 10,000 liters of products have already left the Boero Group production facility and will be used to paint various sections of the Italy Pavilion, not least the overturned hull structure that dominates the building, creating the biggest tricolour flag in the history of Italy (2,100 sq m).

For this symbolic architectural feature, green, red and white tints have been formulated that exactly reproduce the official colours of the Italian flag. The transparent pearl white coating that will be applied over these colours has been formulated for this specific purpose in the Group’s laboratories and carefully selected by designers to reproduce the spectacular effect of a moving flag. The purpose of all this is to show off the tricolour flag to its best advantage with a unique personalisation.

The hulls are interconnected by a complex covering that mediates between exterior and interior for climatic, lighting and acoustic purposes.

Coming works for the pavillion

italy expo 202 dubai pavillionWork to paint the hulls will begin in the coming weeks and, because of the complexity of the operation, Boero Group’s technical specialists will be on hand to oversee all operations and ensure impeccable results.

The 165 columns that support the structure of the Pavilion were also painted by Boero Group. The satin-finish Challenger Pro Matt used has a “white rope” tint that perfectly matches the colour of the ropes that will hang down from the hulls, forming the exterior surface of the structure. The same shade will also be used to coat the inner surface of the hulls.

Research and development work is also ongoing to develop high sustainability coating products for the interior of the pavilion, where the Group will decorate various areas that have specific functions, including the VIP area, the Auditorium, the Educational Lab and the foyer, with the experimental use planned of raw materials and pigments deriving from natural materials and food processing waste, or “neomaterials” as they are called by the architect Italo Rota, who is taking a personal interest in this development work.

The goal is to dress the pavilion in textures and colours that perfectly express naturalness and the relationship between natural and artificial.

The Group’s role at Expo 2020 Dubai therefore represents an important opportunity to continue to innovate, bringing all its expertise and know-how to bear and showing the world how Made in Italy excellence can contribute to the creation of beauty through colour.

View the timelapse sequence of work on the pavilion at minute 2:40: