Unveiled the 595 Benaco Empowered by Yamaha

595 Benaco empowered by yamaha

Yamaha Marine Division, on the occasion of the Italian Olympic Classes Championship Edison Next 2022 (Formia, 3-6 November), presents together with the Italian Sailing Federation the 595 Benaco, the new addition to the Cantieri Capelli range powered by Yamaha, to support regattas and sailing schools.

On this occasion, FIV, Yamaha Marine and Cantieri Capelli will organise a briefing with the entire federal technical staff to present the features of the new 595 Benaco Empowered by Yamaha, the result of an in-depth study and transfer of know-how between the parties to meet the performance and speed requirements that the sailing of the present and future demands.

A boat to support sailing shools

The 595 Benaco owes its name to Benacus, the Latin name for Lake Garda, one of the largest training spots for sports sailing. The new dinghy, in fact, is the result of close cooperation with the sports sailing sector in order to create a new reference point for boats supporting regattas, both professional and amateur, and sailing schools.

This new boat is intended exclusively for affiliated clubs wishing to renew their fleet for sailing school training activities or used to support their competitive teams. This partnership, in addition to improving the results obtained in competitions, favours FIV clubs in Italy, which will have benefits in the purchase of packages with Yamaha outboard engines.

benaco boat for training

Together, aiming at the best boat performance

Francesco Ettorre, the president of the Italian Sailing Federation:

The experience we have gained together with Yamaha and Capelli over the past few years has allowed us to grow and make progress in meeting the needs of the industry and, above all, of our technicians, who need a high-performance boat with certain characteristics on a daily basis. This continuous and fruitful exchange of information has allowed us to be able to present a new solution that takes into account many requirements.

We are really very satisfied with this: the virtuous relationship with our partners, always aiming to improve services and products, must lead to this kind of innovation in our offers. This is a significant step in the path of growth that we feel it is our duty to undertake together with us to satisfy our franchisees.”

yamaha motor for benaco

Being closer to the sport’s world

Alessandro Russo, Yamaha’s Marine Division Manager, says:

We are proud of this partnership that started in 2020 with all the prerequisites to grow and consolidate over time. Being close to young people in the world of sport is part of the mission of Yamaha, which has always been a protagonist in the world of competition and active in promoting the approach of young people to the sport and its invaluable values.

This package, the result of the collaboration with Cantieri Capelli, stems from the desire to provide a ‘tailor-made’ product for FIV affiliates because our objective is to be an attentive interlocutor capable of interpreting their needs and then transforming them into a unique product for them”.