Agreement between Navigo and Rina for ESG assessment

navifo esg assessment
NAVIGO, the service center for innovation and development in the nautical sector, and RINA, a certification multinational active in more than 70 countries, signed few days ago an important agreement on the areas of ESG assessment of Supply Chain.
The abbreviation ESG refers to three main sectors, namely Environmental (environment), Social (society and community relations) and Governance (Risk management & Compliance).
Therefore, each area refers to criteria such as environmental commitment, respect for corporate values and accurate transparent actions carried out by companies as a whole.

Maximize nautical contribution to the ESG issues

The objective of the agreement is to offer companies in the nautical sector the possibility of certification on the subject with a detailed mapping of the performance of the companies subject to verification based on a set of defined indicators.
The focus of the assessment is the verification of the effective implementation of an organization’s policies, strategies, activities and procedures in order to maximize its contribution to the Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) issues related to investments carry on.
A process that envisages three phases of carrying out the certification process (definition of the methodology, basic ESG assessment and in-depth ESG assessment) carried out through sample checks on the evidence provided and interviews with the process representatives and the availability of a digitized platform where all technical activities will be managed in real time.

Advantages for companies in the nautical sector

The advantages for companies could be many, such as the possibility of enhancing a path of sustainability, of simplifying processes, of reducing budgets and at the same time freeing up resources and increasing personnel efficiency.
This agreement represents a great step forward in the company’s innovation through technological development. It is about consolidating corporate values, improving the reputation and performance of a company, but also about being ready for the challenges of the near future. The European Union itself is defining a new legal framework for a sustainable economy to combat climate change and achieve ‘zero emissions’ by 2050. In companies there is greater awareness of sustainability and greater attention to improving performance in compliance of the regulations. ESG certifications are positive credits to demonstrate, also on the market and to potential investors, the credibility of a company also in terms of respect for the environment, governance, as well as in terms of returns.Pietro Angelini, general manager of NAVIGO and member of the Italian ‘Superyacht Green Technical Committee’ of RINA
We strongly believe in the value of collaborating with NAVIGO, which will allow companies in the nautical sector to demonstrate their commitment to integrating ESG principles within their activities. Now more than ever, it is essential for organizations to measure the impacts of their ESG decisions on the community so that they can promote their strengths by creating shared value with all stakeholders and triggering a process of continuous improvement.Nicola Battuello, Executive Vice President Certification of RINA