AS Labruna: a new kit to electrify recreational and professional boats


A new kit is born to electrify recreational and professional boats with endothermic engine and shaftline transmission in a simple, quick and economical way, with high performance in terms of reliability and autonomy.

With this kit applied to the classic diesel engine, the boat will be able to sail electrically with zero emissions and in complete silence.

We have evolved previous solutions by further simplifying the application and optimizing its cooling and electronics.

Our kit includes a belt drive to precisely match the propeller to the power of the electric motor by making full use of it.

The propeller is always sized for the power and RPM of the diesel engine. By varying the pulley diameters we are able to obtain the best transmission ratio.

The belt used has a super quiet profile to optimize comfort on board while sailing.Massimo Labruna, Administrator of AS Labruna

The kit by AS Labruna in details

The pulley is sandwiched between the flange of the inverter and the flange of the shaft line, making it easy to refit even existing boats.

The electric motor and controller are freshwater cooled through a closed circuit and a freshwater/sea water exchanger. Water cooling compared to air cooling allows prolonged use for hours at maximum load without any temperature rise and subsequent derating.

All cooling components are enclosed in the Cooling pack that is easy to install and connect.

All operating parameters can be viewed on a dedicated touchscreen panel and on mobile devices, even remotely, also checking battery charging values in real time.

The lithium batteries used consist of 2.5 kWh modules with the possibility of extending the sailing range in electric mode. The Gold version provides super-performance and lightweight 7 kWh modules.

During diesel engine operation, the kit recharges the batteries in only 40 min. Power sizes available are 5 kW and 10 kW at 48 V and 20 kW at 96 V.

All of the solutions we have adopted are the result of the numerous and burdensome tests carried out during our participation in national and international competitions that have always seen us on the podium.Massimo Labruna, Administrator of AS Labruna