VESPRO 55: CENTOUNONAVI & MJP Propel Luxury Yachting into the Future


Marine Jet Power (MJP), a leader in the waterjet propulsion market, has entered an exclusive collaboration with CENTOUNONAVI, an emerging luxury yacht builder in Italy, to unveil the VESPRO 55. This groundbreaking day yacht was recently showcased at the Cannes Yachting Festival, setting new standards in high-speed luxury travel.


Focus on Weight Reduction

Featuring MJP 350 X waterjets, the VESPRO 55 is the height of CENTOUNONAVI’s commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision and lightweight engineering, the
vessel’s hull boasts a remarkable 30 percent weight reduction, showcasing the
shipyards commitment to sustainable solutions. This emphasis on weight reduction
has enabled several design choices leading to smaller, lighter weight engines and
waterjets resulting in fuel efficiency.

MJP 350X-Series Waterjet

Sustainability, speed and serenity

CENTOUNONAVI’s strategic partnership with Marine Jet Power highlights an
industry-wide trend, with more high-speed vessel designers and shipyards
integrating waterjets into their designs for not only speed but comfort onboard.
“The VESPRO 55’s design prioritizes both speed and serenity, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for passengers, even at high speeds. The waterjet propulsion system, a key player in this equation, eliminates vibrations and noise, underscoring CENTOUNONAVI’s commitment to luxury yachting.

Marco Arnaboldi on board VESPRO

CENTOUNONAVI’s upcoming models

Anticipation builds as CENTOUNONAVI recently announced their upcoming models, the 27-meter FORZA and the 40-meter ETEREA. Both vessels, equipped with MJP waterjets, promise to continue the legacy of innovation and luxury established by the VESPRO 55. As CENTOUNONAVI expands its portfolio, the yachting community eagerly anticipates the unveiling of these larger, equally impressive, waterjet-powered models.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with CENTOUNONAVI and Marco Arnaboldi,” said Robert Magnusson, MJP’s Global Director of Sales. “The VESPRO 55 is a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology, sustainability and innovative design. We look forward to powering more of CENTOUNONAVI’s future models. [/su_quote]



Founded in 2021, CENTOUNONAVI has quickly carved its niche in the high-speed vessel market. Naval architect Marco Arnaboldi, renowned for his role in establishing AB Yachts in 1992, brings decades of expertise to the table, further solidifying CENTOUNONAVI’s position as a leader in luxury yacht design.

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