CloudEnergy: leading the evolution of smart connected marinas

Cloud Energy: a comprehensive solution for marina management system.
The SMART system for managing marinas

CloudEnergy, born from the vision of a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in automating processes within Industry 4.0, stands as the pioneering system granting marinas and their clientele intelligent, rapid, and secure access to an array of services

CloudEnergy is a system for managing marinas. It helps fill the technology gap often seen in this area. It empowers port administrators to oversee all operations, from boat presence monitoring to service payments via credit cards, all from a unified cloud-based platform accessible via local or remote PCs, smartphones, or tablets: the real marine digitisation.

Via an intuitive APP it is possible to manage docking stations, covering consumption, alarms, and charges, alongside facilitating the recharging of cars and electric boats, and enabling seamless access to various amenities such as dock entrances, showers, sports fields, and more.

Seamless integration

CloudEnergy seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and PMS systems, offering a turnkey solution inclusive of marina (service) pedestals, gates, sensors, RFID tags, and any other necessary components, backed by round-the-clock support services, even during holidays: CloudEnergy seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and PMS systems, offering a turnkey solution inclusive of marina (service) pedestals, gates, sensors, RFID tags, and any other necessary components, backed by round-the-clock support services, even during holidays: a real marina management software with 7-day-a-week customer service!

Simultaneously, end customers enjoy secure access to marina services with complete visibility over consumption and costs, streamlining payments through automation.

Leveraging the convenience of smartphones, yacht owners can remotely manage essentials like water and electrical supply, pedestrian access, parking, electric vehicle charging, showers, and more, facilitated by devices such as smart bracelets.

With a simple app download and QR code scan, users activate the application, prompting entry credentials for consumption control.

Catering to diverse needs

Operating on hardware technologies and software protocols adhering to international standards, CloudEnergy shuns proprietary solutions, opting instead for wireless interconnectedness to mitigate installation complexities and time constraints.

Entirely cloud-based, the system demands zero maintenance, ensuring constant availability from anywhere, while remaining interoperable with other marina software and continually expanding to accommodate novel services like twilight lighting managed wirelessly via software.

Whether integrated seamlessly into existing marina infrastructure or offered as a turnkey solution with smart pedestals by Gigieffe, CloudEnergy caters to diverse needs while aligning with tax incentive requirements in numerous countries.

As we gaze toward the future, CloudEnergy brims with excitement and innovation. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives the continual development of novel features and services, integrating emerging technologies and broadening our horizons into new application realms. With an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve, CloudEnergy endeavors to deliver cutting-edge solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of marinas worldwide.

From data security to customization and sustainability
At CloudEnergy, data security and privacy reign supreme. The company’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive user and port infrastructure information manifests through cutting-edge technologies, encompassing advanced encryption and stringent security protocols, all in compliance with GDPR regulations. Flexibility and customization form the cornerstone of CloudEnergy’s ethos, allowing bespoke solutions tailored to each marina’s unique requirements, be it additional services, layout variations, or operational peculiarities. Implementation and ongoing support are paramount to the company’s success within marinas, underpinned by efficient deployment processes, rapid installation, comprehensive staff training, and post-sales support ensuring seamless adoption and continued effective utilization. Committed to environmental sustainability, CloudEnergy champions resource-efficient energy management and promotes electric vehicle usage, pledging to reduce our ecological footprint while advancing sustainable practices in all endeavors.


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