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The BioDesign Foundation is the sustainability partner of EUROSA


The European Sailing Federation (EUROSAF) and the BioDesign Foundation join forces for a collaboration project in Los Alcázares, Spain, aiming to contribute to the future of the next generations. The BioDesign Foundation, grounded in the principles of designer Luigi Colani and devoted to researching and implementing ecological solutions, becomes a sustainability partner of EUROSAF. Together, they will promote projects related to sailing and ecology, including sustainable and transformation plans. An example is The Custodians Plastic Race, an innovative format devised by the BioDesign Foundation for cleaning the planet from plastic. Through this collaboration, the project reaches Los Alcázares, demonstrating EUROSAF’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices during its sports events across Europe.

The Custodians Plastic Race

Each phase of The Custodians Plastic Race represents a race against time to rid the planet of plastic, marking significant progress in the global project of the BioDesign Foundation. Before the start of the 2024 Formula Kite European Championship in Los Alcázares, Spain, the BioDesign Foundation, along with EUROSAF and the local municipality, organized a cleaning operation. Over 150 people, mostly from a foundation working with migrants, participated in the initiative. This event preceded Spain’s National Cleaning Week, scheduled for autumn 2024, and Italy’s National Cleaning Week in June 2024, with the aim of expanding globally. Before the cleaning activity, intervention areas were carefully identified and studied using the CESP application (The Custodians Earth Solution Platform), enabling anyone to report critical cleaning points, turning problems into challenges to be addressed with concrete actions. Monitoring the intervention areas was crucial for creating a map of the places to be cleaned and organizing the involved teams, in collaboration with local institutions. Participants, for the first time engaged in such an environmental initiative, contributed by collecting approximately 4 tons of waste. This demonstrates significant willingness to collaborate, along with a strong desire for integration with local communities, embodying the spirit of “All together now”.

BioDesign Foundation
The BioDesign Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland and represented in various countries. Grounded in the principles formalized by visionary designer Luigi Colani, the Foundation promotes the research and implementation of sustainable solutions for the protection of nature and the environment, transforming environmental issues into challenges, solutions, and actions.
EUROSAF, the European Sailing Federation, which develops and coordinates projects and events across Europe, aims to represent the interests of national sailing federations at the European level. As an organization that brings together European sailing federations, it focuses on international cooperation and the promotion of sailing. EUROSAF’s office is located in Neusiedl am See, Austria, at the Sailing Center of the Austrian Sailing Federation.