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The premier destination for yacht repair and maintenance: Mistral Marine Solutions


Discover the premier hub for yacht repair and yacht maintenance at Mistral Marine Solutions. With over two decades of maritime expertise, Mistral Marine Solutions excels in delivering tailored services for yachts.

Our strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Close Marine Group, Green Oil Standard, Norwegian Greentech, Tebul, Rim Drive Technology, and Unikpools, alongside a substantial partnership with Yanmar Marine, ensure unparalleled, innovative, and bespoke assistance.

Through our collaboration with Yanmar Marine, we introduce top-tier motor solutions designed exclusively for yachts.

Renowned for the reliability and performance of its marine engines, Yanmar enables Mistral to provide propulsion systems and generators that seamlessly integrate energy efficiency with environmental stewardship, catering to owners seeking optimal performance and sustainability.

Swift, reliable yacht maintenance with Mistral’s Mobile Workshop

Experience the strength of Mistral’s Mobile Workshop, equipped with proficient teams poised to swiftly address all your maintenance and overhaul requirements, even in critical scenarios.

By consistently updating and closely cooperating with our partners, Mistral Marine Solutions upholds a benchmark of quality that aligns with international regulations.

Empowered by our alliance with Yanmar Marine, Mistral Marine Solutions emerges as the ultimate choice for those in search of a comprehensive and state-of-the-art yacht repair and maintenance service. Trust us to elevate your yacht’s performance and longevity to new heights.


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