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Energy sources on board under control


coelmoCoelmo Integra Plus is a new system for managing energy sources on board, including renewable sources, that has been completely redesigned in electronics and power.

Now available in two versions, of 1000 and 2000 W, Integra Plus guarantees greater safety and reliability with an efficacious and intuitive monitoring and control system.

Besides management functions, Integra Plus also acts as an inverter, battery charger, UPS and gives protection against galvanic currents.

The Integra Plus interface has been redesigned to handle and monitor rapidly energy sources: generators, renewable sources, batteries and quayside power. Once installed on board, Integra Plus continually monitors the energy demands of the boat selecting the most effective and eco-compatible from the sources available.

For example, to power a television or air conditioner, Integra Plus will choose from the available energy sources (quayside, generator, renewable sources, inverter) and use the most suitable and environment friendly.

Everything is managed by the evolved EOS digital control panel which is ideal for keeping the marine generator constantly under control and monitoring the main mechanical and electrical parameters.

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