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Opac produces a space saving soft top


opacOpac, a Turin company in the forefront of design and production of coverings for boats and yachts, supplier to the most prestige boatyards in the world, continues to seek the most effective solutions for increasing comfort on board. The latest product launched, already installed on board a number of yachts from a leading Italian yard, is an electrically operated soft top of particular conception. The cover, made using a mechanism that has already been tried and tested on other Opac covers, uses a series of levers which, during opening, raise the fabric of the cover towards the exterior, increasing the useful headroom and so the livability of the space beneath. The lifting is always controlled during the entire opening process and the ribs are always stable in any position. The mechanics of the soft top, which has a double canopy and its flexible part, favours the upward movement of the fabric which, when it comes to a stop, is raised and gathered, and does not invade the environment below. This solution thus improves the livability of the spaces on the flying-bridge.


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