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Transmissions for Pershing… And electronically adjusted trim


topsystemTs Drive Srl, the company that owns the “Topsystem Surface Drive” brand, has installed on a number of Pershing model is an integrated system that can electronically and autonomously adjust surface transmissions with variable trim and direction. For some years the company has been collaborating with Pershing on the installation of high-performance propulsion systems on the yard’s yachts. The Easy Set electronic system designed for Pershing has been developed in collaboration with Onyx (a leading company in naval electronics and automation). The software automatically adapts the position of the propulsion unit depending on the load conditions of the vessel and the rpm of the engine, intervening on trim and flaps to get the best performance from the vessel.
Depending on the conditions the system optimises fuel consumption, achieving appreciable savings. All parameters can be optimised and modified for specific cases. The system is controlled by a touchscreen monitor on the bridge and can also be electronically customised with various functions. Through the touchscreen monitor even the driving style can be customised, also to suit sea conditions.



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