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BLUE SEA: now IMO Marpol MEPC.227(64) certified


imagesSelmar is pleased to announce their waste water treatment systems Blue Sea have been awarded with IMO Marpol MEPC.227(64) certification. The new resolution will become effective starting from 1st January; new important guidelines and restrictions will be introduced in a revised and more complete version compared to the old IMO MARPOL MEPC 159 (55). The aim is to increase the protection and preservation of the marine environment; new changes have been made based on stricter parameters with the purpose of regulating the sewage dischargement. An on-board water treatment system, designed and manufactured in compliance with the latest international standards, has now become a “must-have” and from January 2016 all boats are required to have a IMO MEPC.227(64) compliant sewage treatment plant on-board . All systems installed on new or existing ships must comply with the new resolution criteria, which are much stricter than the previous ones. It will also be forbidden to discharge gray water, which will have to be treated exclusively by a system complying with the new resolution. Selmar Technologies has succeeded in obtaining this new certification in advance on its Blue Sea range of black and gray water treatment systems: IMO MEPC 227 (64) sewage treatment plants have been designed and manufactured having quality and customer satisfaction as main missions: issues that have always been at the basis of the company’s choices.

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