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New Furuno tools displayed at the 55° Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova



NavNet TZT2
Following in the footsteps of the original NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 features a re­ned user interface that is all about usability. Whether you are searching for hot ­shing grounds, plotting your next route, using your Radar to navigate through the fog, you can expect smooth operation with familiar touch gestures. Sporting an edge-to-edge glass front, NavNet TZtouch2 is beautifully designed, allowing you to build a navigation suite that is not only functional, but offers a luxurious look and feel.
NavNet TZtouch2 features a graphical user interface that has been renewed and refined, focusing on usability and ease of operation. The new home screen, with its bright and crisp graphics, is easy to understand and operate. The colors and icons have been carefully chosen to provide maximum visibility, allowing you to know instantly which screen is displayed, just by seeing the color and icon. Changing to different display screens is just a simple matter of dragging and dropping. Arrange instruments by the touch of your finger. You are free to customize the display to precisely fit your unique needs.
Sporting a clean and functional design in all black, the FI-70 ­ts right in on your helm, together with the NavNet TZtouch2 and NAVpilot-711C.
The new FI-70 instrument/data organizer sports a vibrant 4.1″ bonded color display that is visible even in the harshest sunlight conditions. Utilizing the CAN bus network, external sensors can easily be connected for simple and reliable operation. The FI-70 features an easy to operate graphical user-interface. It allows you to customize almost every display property, allowing you to choose the information you want to be displayed, in the way you want to see it.
For maximum performance and simple setup, the FI-70 automatically asks you which type of vessel you have, helping to customize operation of the unit. With its low power consumption and easy installation, it’s hard to imagine a vessel where the FI-70 wouldn’t be a benefit.
DRS4DL is a new compact 19″ radome Radar Antenna for use with the NavNet TZtouch/TZtouch2 series. A 4kW Radar with an effective range of 36nm that offers simple installation without the need to purchase a separate power supply unit.
Ocean Signal
RescueMe EDF1
The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to visual signalling in an emergency. The unique lens design combined with the use of advanced LEDs and highly efficient circuit technology ensures a constant level of light output throughout the life of the user replaceable battery.
The light output is a beam of over 30° throughout the full 360° azimuth, providing in excess of 6 times more light coverage than other electronic flares*. Light is also distributed throughout the hemisphere above the unit to ensure visibility from the air. Unlike single use pyrotechnic flares the rescueME EDF1 can be used repeatedly in any of its four modes, ensuring continued visibility is maintained over a longer period. The unit is both safe to store and operate while also eliminating any worries associated with disposal.
The compact size and rugged design means the rescueME EDF1 is the perfect safety product for a grab bag, life raft or hiker’s backpack.
MOB1 is the world’s smallest AIS MOB device with integrated DSC. The MOB1 is compatible with even the most compact inflatable life-jackets. It is intended to be installed within the life-jacket and will activate automatically on inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds. The integrated strobe light ensures maximum visibility in low light conditions.
The MOB1 communicates with the vessel you have been separated from and other vessels in the vicinity (up to 5 miles range dependent on conditions). To alert rescue authorities, an alternative product the rescueME PLB1 communicates directly via a dedicated search and rescue satellite network.
In an emergency rescueME MOB1 provides 2 methods of rapidly communicating your position, accurate to a few metres,  back to the vessel, plus providing visual indication via its built in strobe light.
An additional feature of the MOB1, is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF, alerting your crew to the situation.
MaxSea International – MaxSea App
MaxSea International has recently released the new version 2.0 of the MaxSea TimeZero App for iPad which offers great advantages to FURUNO users.
MaxSea TimeZero is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing, featuring easy-to-use functionalities and the fastest and smoothest chart display ever, as well as 3D data and weather information for an unparalleled experience.
What’s New in Version 2.0.0
– Radar Module (in-app purchase): this module will let boaters connect their FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar (DRS4W) with the TimeZero App so that users will be able to overlay the radar image across the App’s navigational chart in real-time.
– AIS Module AIS (achat in-app store): this module allows the display of all AIS targets that are received by an AIS receiver or transponder within the App.
These new features are available thanks to new technology and innovative features of FURUNO radar antenna DRS4W. AIS transponder GRAPHENE CTRX True Heading with Wi-fi distribuited by FURUNO ITALIA, is the perfect match between DRS4W and MaxSea App.

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