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Nautica Italiana announces the membership of ten new brands


Logo_N_NAUTICA ITALIANAJust a few days from the official presentation of Nautica Italiana, the association affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma that groups together top firms from the sector, announced the membership of 10 new brands.
After its positive debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2015, Nautica Italiana is getting ready for the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 nautical event, the new international showcase for presenting the association’s strategy and program.

A few weeks since the creation of the new Association, Nautica Italiana announced the entry of 10 new brands, which brings the total number of members represented to 35.
Numerous other requests have been presented to Nautica Italiana and these are currently being scrutinised by the Board consisting of seven members: Lamberto Tacoli (Chairman); Luigi Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Boschi, and Giovanna Vitelli (Vice Chairpersons); Corrado Salvemini (Director); and Lorenzo Pollicardo (General Secretary).
The 10 new high-end brands are: Cantiere delle Marche, Cantieri di Pisa, Climma-Veco Group, Comar, Equinoxe Yachts, Frigoboat-Veco Group, Mondomarine, Porto Lotti, Tecnopool and Vismara, representing large yacht and sailing boat builders, services, marinas and accessories.
“Following our participation in the Cannes Yachting Festival, which opened the season of Shows dedicated to the industry and saw many of our associates receive major prizes and recognition reconfirming the excellence that we represent, on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show, we are very proud to welcome ten new companies. Through their membership, these companies are fully embracing our project, once again confirming how important and necessary it is not only for the boat building components — motor, sailing and refits — but also for the services and accessories, which is particularly satisfactory for us,” commented Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of Nautica Italiana.
The association is aimed at grouping together the high-end companies from the entire sector — Industry, Services and Territories — to define, also through a constant, constructive dialogue with the relevant institutions, the strategy for the development of the nautical industry, both in Italy and internationally, promoting a sector at the premium end of Italian production. An industry that, despite the crisis, has succeeded in maintaining quality standards and a capacity for innovation, thanks to a wealth of technical and cultural expertise that is unique in the world, in all areas, ranging from boat building and accessories right through to services.
For Nautica Italiana the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, the international nautical show which is being held in the Principality of Monaco from 23 to 26 September, will be another opportunity to present itself to the international public as the representative of top companies in the Italian nautical industry, affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma.

About Nautica Italiana
Nautica Italiana has been conceived as an association open to working together with other important industry players, such as the Territories and regional Districts. It will be selective in its efforts, with a focus on its Charter of Values and shared strategic project. Another fundamental aspect of its work will be liaising and reaching agreements with other industry associations, out of the conviction that a systemic strategy must include a common vision to be turned into a thorough, complete set of concrete actions.
Nautica Italiana’s positioning and particular focus on international markets are traits that it shares with Fondazione Altagamma, which since 1992 has been a common forum for top Italian cultural and creative firms recognised as true ambassadors of Italian style to the world.
Nautica Italiana has thus chosen to become affiliated with Altagamma due to its international vocation and transversal reach. Altagamma’s members, which come from the fashion, design, food, hotel, jewellery, and automotive industries, pursue all possible synergies with one another in various fields: market studies and research, institutional relations, corporate culture, promotion and co-marketing initiatives.

Nautica Italiana’s ten new members
Cantiere delle Marche
Cantiere delle Marche is worldwide leader in the steel and aluminium displacement yacht market. In just a few years the Ancona-based shipyard has made its mark in the international nautical industry, supplying ship owners throughout the world with Darwin Class and Nauta Air steel and aluminium Explorer Yachts between 80 and 110 feet, with unique characteristics, able to tackle even the most demanding voyages with maximum safety and reliability.
Cantieri di Pisa
Cantieri di Pisa was established in 1945 in Limite sull’Arno, a place with a great tradition of skilled master carpenters. The new shipyard, which still today dominates the Darsena Pisana, was built in 1956 with a view to designing and building even larger boats. Bought in May 2015 by Mondomarine, Cantieri di Pisa continues to be an international benchmark for motoryacht design, style and technology, thanks to the talent of its designers, craftsmen and engineers.
Comar is one of the long-standing brands of Italy’s nautical industry established in the Sixties in Forlì for the production of sailing boats. In 1998, Massimo and Flavia Guardigli purchased the brand and technology and, on the strength of more than five thousand boats already sailing the Mediterranean, created a new generation of sailing boats with dramatic features blending the modern sleek lines of hulls and deck with extremely comfortable interiors for long cruises.
After 14 successful single-hulls between 21 and 125 feet, in the sport and raised saloon lines, Comar has created a line of catamarans, from 37 to 62 feet and more, with the aim of becoming the leading brand at international level for multi-hull sailing and motor boats, with the features of an ocean fast cruiser.
Equinoxe Yachts
Equinoxe Yachts was formed in Turin in 1986, founded by internationally renowned yachtsmen and athletes Corrado Di Majo and Alessandro Ussi.
More than 500 sailing and motor yachts sold, 15 sailing yachts built as general contractor and project manager and more than 6,000 charter contracts signed during almost 30 years of activity.
The comprehensive service includes aircraft charter, ultra-exclusive tourist services and a discerning selection of nature expeditions to the most remote corners of the planet.
The well-structured global network of relations, the long-term stability of its management, its solid image and reputation make it the key Italian nautical broker, a leader in its own field.
Porto Lotti
Porto Lotti is located in the heart of the Gulf of La Spezia, Liguria region, in a prestigious tourist area. Situated at the centre of a super-protected gulf, enclosed by a breakwater, the marina offers 520 moorings for boats of up to 100 metres LOA and alongside depths of more than 10 metres.
Porto Lotti is one of the most exclusive marinas in the Mediterranean. Endowed with modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, it has received international Blue Flag recognition and Marina Excellence certification with the maximum score.
It is no coincidence that the largest yachts navigating the Mediterranean have chosen Porto Lotti for their medium and long stays.
The secret of their success? The high quality of the mooring services, a cutting-edge boatyard, top-quality restaurants and many other facilities ranging from wellbeing to sport and transport to the privacy of the boat owners and their guests, guaranteed by attentive and discrete service.
Mondomarine designs, constructs and carries out the engineering to its yachts at its production site at Savona. The yard is positioned on the sea front and stretches over 35,000 square meters, 9,500 of which are covered. There are wharves reaching out over 100 metres in length to accommodate maxi yachts. A 820-ton travel lift, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and a 300-ton cradle are part of the equipment; the yard is in fact provided with all the structures needed to build and to repair ships of considerable dimensions, avoiding the use of dry docks and leveraging on being so close to the sea that transportation is always minimised. The full-cycle production site provides work for about 600 people today, employed both in the construction of Mondomarine yachts and in repair and refit activities. Recently, the brand and the production site have been acquired by Alessandro Falciai and Roberto Zambrini. Both the entrepreneurs have a deep passion for the sea and a brilliant career behind them, two aspects that are now unified thanks to the choice of purchasing Mondomarine. A period of changes awaits the company that already started its phase of renewal, with a new brand identity and the recovery of Cantieri Navali Campanella as a brand. While the commercial and marketing duties of Mondomarine have been moved to the prestigious location of Monaco’s Avenue des Ligures, the new owners’ will is to empower in fact the Savona’s shipyards with new vitality and modernity.
Tecnopool was created from the desire of Alberto Spina and Giorgio Campini to make their passion and more than twenty years experience in the top-level yacht refit sector. An in-depth knowledge, acquired through numerous projects working with some of the most prestigious international shipyards.
The know-how acquired by Tecnopool in the repair, conversion and fitting out of yachts from 20 to 140 metres and its partnership with various companies in the sector mean that it can provide customers with a comprehensive service. The philosophy behind the company is to go through the different distinctive stages of a refit or in other words, any type of activity serving to change the aesthetics or function of a yacht, be it involving the hull and superstructure or giving a new style to the interior. A particularly exciting aspect of this is the restoration of historical vessels, with its painstaking sourcing of period materials and application, at the same time, of modern technologies. Contemporary techniques in fact mean it is possible to use technology for onboard system building as an essential means of guaranteeing safety at sea and of bringing the vessel into line with the most stringent international standards.
Veco – Frigoboat and Climma
Market leader since 1971, Veco S.p.A. designs and manufactures marine refrigeration systems.
Under the historical brand Frigoboat, Veco produces a wide range of marine refrigeration systems, from DC models suitable for cold rooms from 50 litres to up to 400 litres, to AC models for cold rooms, standard & custom stainless steel cabinets, wine cellars and completely walkable customised cold rooms.
With the brand Climma, Veco manufactures marine air-conditioning systems, from small independent units to powerful, centralised systems and fancoils, up to completely customised chiller solutions. The range also includes mistifiers, fresh air make-up units, boilers and air extractors, for a 360° on-board comfort.
Veco S.p.A. is located in Giussano in an area of more than 5,000 m2 containing the production lines, offices, warehouses, technical office and R&D office; DNV ISO 9001-2008 certified, Veco is a perfect example of Made in Italy.
Since 1984, Vismara Marine’s history has been marked by its continuing tendency to innovate, without ever resting on its laurels. This is a route mapped out by the designer, Alessandro Vismara, naval architect who specialised in Applied Hydrodynamics and Performance Prediction at Southampton College of Higher Education. Vismara’s roots started with Perini Navi and fortified in 1990 with Baltic Yachts, for which it is still the reference point when it comes to conceptualisation and assistance in the Mediterranean. Since the first international success of the boats designed by Vismara Yacht Design to the prestige of the projects, outfitting and refits of Marine Services, the company has never stopped growing its quality of service and rationalising the boat building activity. This is reflected today in its new headquarters: a unique reference point for optimising the shipbuilder-owner relationship, interpreting dreams and guiding choices towards that principle of coherence which typifies Vismara’s Style.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy