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Rand’s new sustainable electric motorboat Picnic



The Danish boat manufacturer Rand has launched the Picnic, a new non-emitting and low-noise electrically-driven motorboat for use in coastal cruising and on lakes and canals.
Shaped in simple lines, an usual feature in Scandinavian design, the motorboat has calm and inviting aesthetics. The focus in her design, however, is much more on the notion of usability: great attention was put to the minimum details to ensure the best usability even for those who are not used to sailing. All edges onboard are rounded to prevent unforeseen contacts to be harmful and to keep seats and moving on board comfortable, easy and safe. The floor is covered with an anti-slip surface ensuring steady traction regardless of footwear or excess water drops. Up to ten people may seat on board enjoying sailing relaxing days with the minimum noise and no gasoline fumes.
By way of its electric propulsion and selected sustainable materials Rand Picnic sets sail respectful of nature.
With a remarkable 23% efficiency, her solar cell table helps recharging the battery even in cloudy days.
Built around a 600 liter foam kernel made from re-cycled composite Picnic has a strong natural up-drift making it virtually impossible to sink, as she is also equipped two holes in the hull bottom to automatically empty excess water from rain or waves whether in motion or still.
Being equipped with an easy-to-use electrical outboard engine, the boat does not require neither a license to operate.
It is hydro-dynamically optimised to maintain momentum when sailing under electric power, and – with the purchase of the largest available battery pack – Picnic can sail for up to 16 hours at a maximum speed of 10 knots.
Built from sustainable, lightweight and low maintenance materials, the Picnic is a true eco-friendly vessel.


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