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Sveti, 150m Parkour Class motor yacht concept by Pastrovich


sveti1Monaco-based design studio Pastrovich designed an impressive 150m motor yacht concept design, Sveti, belonging to the ‘Parkour Class‘ – one of four New Unconventional Vessel Classes. The project is a mixture of innovative structures, efficient hull design, energy saving technologies, luxury amenities and activities working together to provide the most harmonious onboard experience.

Structure enhancing all aspects of the yacht
The structure of the superyacht Sveti interacts with all the other elements onboard from energy saving to aesthetic. The continuous “egglike” structure increases the strength while limiting the amount of material used, with consequent weight reduction. The upper and lower sections are connected by a pivot system which allows expansion and contraction under different temperatures and sea conditions. This reduces the effect on the vessel’s interior and the passengers on board. The inclined structure not only strengthens this 150m by 50m vessel but gives a unique aesthetic to which the exterior follows. Additionally, it makes the best use out of the yacht’s footprint with interior and exterior living spaces stretching right out to the edges of the ship.

Rich spaces layout and comfortable accomodation
Three indoor levels and lower deck make up all the space and comfort at the guests’ disposal.
The top level makes use of expansive windows and exceptionally high ceilings and a number of relaxation areas.
Bedroom and a selection of living spaces are located on the second level. Up to 120 guests are comfortably accommodated in 24 standard rooms, 24 VIP rooms and 12 VIP suites with private lounge, all of which featuring private terraces.
The third interior level boasts a spa submerged below the sea with spectacular underwater windows: there guests can relax or exercise, meditate or sleep in the relaxing pods. Hammams and saunas are a few features of such a large spa center.
The lower deck includes bars and wine cellars. Guests can enjoy the finest wines while dining in the cave restaurant, or in plenty of other restaurants on board. After dinner can be enjoyed in the ‘whiskey and cigar’ lounge.
Sveit also features a massive rear deck with three large swimming pools and enough outdoor space to rival some high-end hotels and resorts.
Tenders and leisure equipment are such as jet skis, ski boats, fishing boats, motorcycles, quad bikes and an helicopter are also available on the superyacht.

Energy systems and savings
The combination of different energy efficient systems is key to good average savings. A dual fuel diesel electric system is used in combination with LNG “Liquified Natural Gas”, which significantly reduces the vessel’s emissions. Solar Panels on the vessel’s upper surfaces generate extra energy. A Natural Ventilation system reducing the need for air conditioning. Natural Light through ample floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the interior as much as possible by using solar tubes, reducing the need for artificial light. These systems contribute to the overall energy saving of the vessel.

Preservation of the onboard environment
Sveti is able to travel all around the world no matter which climate condition, thanks to her controlled environment onboard. Two different concepts to close the aft roof keeping a light structure guarantee such a stable environment. The Bris Soleil can be open and inclined, allowing more or less sun through and creating a natural indoor biosphere that can be controlled manually. The second visionary concept involves elastic fabric folding around a light structure to cover large areas while keeping the weight to a minimum.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy