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Vikal International and Rafnar Shipyard’s collaboration


RafnarVikal International and Rafnar Shipyard, after discussions started at the last Monaco Yacht Show, signed an agreement for the use of Rafnar OK Hull technology on future Vikal custom projects.
Vikal will be allowed to apply the Icelandic shipyard’s innovative hull and keel design to its projects, and such opportunity is a significant development for Rafnar, too, as Vikal may plan to apply the hull design to vessels of different dimensions and types, which will certainly take the research further.
Gunnar Vikingur, managing director of Vikal International, commented: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement, it gives Vikal immediate access to disruptive technology”
On the other hand, Bjorn Jonsson, managing director of Rafnar Shipyard, said: “This agreement is an important milestone for us. In addition to bringing our Rafnar boats to market from our own production facilities, we are now sharing our hull and keel technology with other boatbuilders of recognised acclaim and excellence.”
Inspired by Fredrik Ljungström’s circular arc hull design, the OK Hull was created by Rafnar’s founder Össur Kristinsson in six years of research and development of a scalable platform. Tank testing was carried out over 100 different one-metre models before building a six-metre prototype. After further studies on this and larger prototypes, the yard built the first vessels including its technology: Leiftur, a 10m RIB, and Þorbjörn, an experimental 12m fibreglass boat.
The patented hull and keel design provides remarkable stability, speed control and performance by altering the flow of water around the hull within the traditional ‘displacement principle’.
Unlike a traditional RIB hull form, the OK Hull does not rise up and plane, nor does it plough through the sea like a displacement vessel: nonetheless, speed control in made much better thanks to its special hull shape, which directs water under the boat in a more efficient way to reduce drag.
This innovative design proved to be more efficient even and especially in difficult weather conditions: comfort at sea is dramatically improved.
The Icelandic Coast Guard is already using this platform for its nex generation fleet, while other coast guards, search and rescue organizations and yacht owners are very interested in applying this technology.
The first tenders incorporating Rafnar hulls  by Vikal International are expected to be available in early 2016.