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Winch Design perfectly combines private aviation with yachting


winchyacht-1-1200x282 The latest concept by Winch Design, specializing in extremely luxurious private planes, yachts, and residences, may upgrade the relationship between private aviation and yachting.
Even though the aviation possibility is no big news for yacht owners, as quite some of the most expensive superyachts are equipped with helipads on deck, the new design unveiled by the UK-based studio brings an unexpected innovation.
The 328-foot long yacht has been specifically designed to accommodate an AgustaWestland 609 TiltRotor. Such aircraft is much more than a traditional helicopter: it combines the vertical takeoff capability of a helicopter with the superior speed and load carrying ability of an airplane. Apart from easily taking off and landing on deck, the AW 609 TiltRotor will also be stored in a fully enclosed hangar especially designed for its accommodation.
The aircraft, able to reach a top speed of 300 miles per hour, twice fastest than a conventional helicopter, will be for owners  the perfect way to get to exclusive vacation spots, or to the closest airport to meet their private jets.
The yacht as well is designed to be utmost luxurious, thank to her ultra luxury accommodations, and with admirable performances, such as an incredible top speed estimated at 30 knots.