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Project Nova by Heesen Yachts is under construction


heesen-project-novaHeesen Yachts completed joining hull and superstructure of its superyacht YN 17850, whose concept was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show last September.
Project Nova is the world’s first superyacht featuring a Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) and being equipped by a hybrid propulsion system.
This revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form was developed by Heesen Yachts in partnership with Dutch studio Van Oossanen Naval Architects. Designed to improve hydrodynamic efficiency for larger yachts over the entire speed range and not only in a restricted speed interval around the maximum speed, it is applicable to all yachts.
It proved to perform better than conventional displacement and semi-displacement type hull forms at all speeds up to full ‘planing’ speeds. At semi-displacement speeds, the resistance values displayed by the FDHF are 15 to 20 per cent better than those of well-designed hard chine hull forms. Comfort onboard as well is consistently improved, with better sea keeping, wave reduction and maneuverability.
Heesen was the first shipyard to apply the FDHF to superyachts, firstly with the 65m Galactica Star, and then with the 42m Alive, 55m Azamanta, and 50m Sibelle projects.
Project Nova is not a superyacht specifically designed for high speeds. The ultra-efficient hull form has nonetheless been applied in this case to vastly lower fuel consumption even if providing lower speeds of traditional displacement hulls, resulting in a high-performance and comfortable displacement yacht with reduced environmental impact.
Project Nova perfectly combines the fuel efficiency enhanced by her revolutionary hull form with quiet cruising thanks to her hybrid propulsion system. With her two water cooled DC electric shaft motors of 127 kW each, Project Nova can cruise at speeds up to 9 knots using the generators alone.
The hybrid propulsion system offers some additional advantages. On longer passages and across a wide range of speeds up to 15.7 knots, the shaft motors can be used as generators to provide the hotel loads, meaning the generators can be switched off with a consequent saving in fuel. In boost mode (main engines plus the shaft motors), Project Nova will gain an additional 0.6 knots, bringing the maximum speed to 16.3 knots. This provides more flexible power management, which means better efficiency, less noise and less vibration.
As for her exterior styling, developed by Omega Architects, the vessel’s lines break with the previous Heesen models, while retaining the sense of seaworthiness and performance: her vertical bow, for instance, serves to reduce the vertical acceleration that causes discomfort for guests onboard.
Project Nova will accommodate up to twelve guests in six staterooms, while also offering plenty of outdoor spaces. She is expected to be delivered in Spring 2017.


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