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MakaiPlan Pro, simulating subsea cable installation software released


2016_01_29_Cable_MakaiPlanPro_v6Hawaii-based Makai Ocean Engineering has released an updated version of MakaiPlan Pro, its planning and simulated subsea power and telecom cable installations software.
Makai provides tools for three primary phases of a cable project: MakaiPlan helps developing the route planning and engineering, MakaiPlan Pro supports installation planning and simulation, and MakaiLay is for the real-time at-sea cable installation control. Makai softwares allow for the use of 3D dynamic simulations, so to best plan the early phases of a submarine cable installation.
MakaiPlan has already been upgraded, and was released last year, while MakaiPlan Pro has just been released, and MakaiLay is planned to be upgraded and released later this year.
The released version of MakaiPlan Pro can quickly simulate an entire cable lay in advance at up to 50 times faster than real-time. This can be useful for developing ship installation plans, performing pre-lay and post-lay analysis, and also for operator training.
Venkata Jasti, manager of submarine cable systems at Makai, said: “We are continuously improving our products to satisfy the evolving needs of our users. Either it is new tools to address power cable installations or adding automated features to make our users’ lives easier.”
“The release is part of our ongoing effort to upgrade all of our products to take advantage of the increased computational capabilities of the next generation of PCS,” he added.