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The SB10 Sea Beam, a new underwater scaler by Laser Tools


underwater_laser-tools-56089A new laser system, the SB10 Sea Beam by Laser Tools Co., Inc. will help in underwater measurements at a distance. This system is designed and used specifically to scale unusual objects, fish, reefs, artificial structures and mechanical fixtures at depths which are impossible to explore for divers or whose cost would be too expensive: the SB10 Sea Beam is certified waterproof for depths exceeding 300 metres.
The SB10 Sea Beam Laser Scaler shoots two laser beams 75 millimeters apart that the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) views by a camera. The laser dots or lines are measured through video capture techniques and the range and size of the target is processed, in a much safer and faster way than a diver’s underwater exposure.
The SB10 Sea Beam is 2.5” long and 4” wide, mounts directly to a ROV and weighs less than 90mg when in water. Moreover, it includes a waterproof battery compartment: the SB10 Sea Beam is completely portable and can be used with all ROVs, drones and submersible vehicles, with or without external power. The power consumption is less than a 0.5 watts and the front lens caps glow when the lasers are turned on to provide underwater orientation.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy