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The Yachting Venice delayed to a date yet to be defined


yachting Venice1Only a month before the expected opening, the Yachting Venice, announced as the great news in the nautical industry shows for this year, has been temporary cancelled. UCINA informed the press that the event has been delayed to a date yet to be defined, the official reasons being lack of the necessary funding and the difficulties of the host location, ExpoVenice. The decision taken by the members of Nautica Italiana not to take part in the event was probably not helping either: both the association have the same aim to promote the Italian nautical industry, and are trying to organize events for the sector, nevertheless, the fact that they are not collaborating, might result in a slightly less effective strategy.
Last year saw the volume of leasing double, which shows that the internal demand is growing and that the Italian market is recovering from crisis; a very promising premise for the future of the national nautical industry. An event-based strategy to further enhance growth would be helping the whole sector.
For these reasons 2016 should have been the year of nautical shows in Italy, but unfortunately it will only see the Genoa Boat Show, as two more events announced by UCINA have been cancelled and all the events and symposiums by Nautica Italiana have been planned to debut in 2017. According to Carla Demaria, president of UCINA, the model of the expos for this sector should be entirely rethought, involving both private companies and public associations and organization.
Regarding the relationship between UCINA and Nautica Italiana, Demaria commented: “We are willing to have a conversation, we have always been. It is already a year that these companies left to create another association. To them I say: show your requests, let’s study a way to collaborate in partnership, let’s think of common projects. We can keep being separated, but let’s collaborate. It is in the common interest.”