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Assonat: the touristic ports of Tigullio are online


Porti di tigullioAn online affirmation for the ports of Tigullio. All of them have been added to Geotag Aeroview, the International destination research platform of the Italian touristic ports conceived by Assonat.

Assonat, Associazione Nazionale Approdi e Porti Turistici, can now count all of their associate Marinas and Ports (Marina di Portofino, Marina di Santa Margherita Ligure, Marina di Chiavari, And Marina di Lavagna) in the web platform TripinView.
Nowadays, those Italian touristic ports are getting involved into a networking project for the national business of touristicmarinas and ports, with the aim to be reshaped in a more modern and functional way.
The agreement between Assonat and their partner Geotag Aeroview is aimed to enhance the promotion, knowledge and valorization of the touristic ports thanks to a new Software House tool, operating in the web in the touristic sector: the multilingual platform TripinView.
The project offers, as a starting point, the registration and profile creation for the marinas, which are entitled to provide presentation texts, technical data, photographic contents about their structure, so to fully represent to the “maritime tourist” surfing on the internet the welcoming offer of the Italian nautical sector.
With the new technology TriSynchron®, the filmed material can interact real-time with an active map, and all information of the localities or of the port which is being visualized.
All images and videos taken by the TripInView staff about the above-mentioned marinas are already available online and worldwide, and may be watched at this link.
“What gives me the greatest satisfaction – said Angelo Siclari, Assonat’s National Councilor – is to see in the platform not only the above-mentioned marinas, but also the small concessionaire business of mooring and/or floating piers like the ones of Camogli, Portoino, Santa Margherita Ligure, San Michele di Pagana, Rapallo Porto Pubblico, Sestri Levante e Moneglia. These small enterprises are kind of the history of our touristic ports and today they got the recognition they deserve through a greater visibility of the quality of their services.
In Assonat we wanted, in particular, not only to give our associate Marinas (I recall that any marina or enterprise not part of our Association can also register) the possibility to have an important visibility, but also to give in the same time to our guests complete and quality services which concern also the areas outside the ports. I am thinking, for instance, about Santa Margherita Ligure which, thanks to the platform, will be able to present not only its port’s watery mirror, but also the complementary touristic services such as restaurants, bars, tobacco shops, bakeries where it is possible to buy an excellent focaccia, car rent, taxis, etc., it can easily be done by implementing the platform.”
“I wish – concluded Siclari – that the Marina of Santa Margherita Ligure completes as soon as possible its adaptation to the standards required for the Marina Resorts, with the consequent possibility to actualize the tax exemption for the moorings from the current 22% to the 10%, so to finally relocate it in the quality dimension that our Santa Margherita Ligure deserves”.