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Migaloo, a luxurious vessel which can be converted into a submersible


migalooAustria-based Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts revealed their latest project, a yacht which is convertible into a submarine.
Migaloo is a 377-foot submersible vessel which can go down 787 foot deep and provide stunning views on underwater life. In limited edition, only five models, she has been designed according US Navy subsafe safety standards: the dimensions of the yacht are equal to one of the US Navy’s Virginia-class attack submarines, and her maximum depth is the same.
The submarine yacht will accommodate guests over eight VIP suites. Living spaces on board include a personal movie theater, alfresco dining space and swimming pools on deck.
Potential owners can choose the interior and layout development, and maximum safety is guaranteed by the modern acrylic pressure hull design.
‘What we are attempting to do is to create a living space where exterior and interior interact in harmony,’ commented Christian Gumpold, managing director and head of design at Migaloo.