Beauty is enclosed into simplicity


F&SThe new series “ALHENA” includes a large number of new lamps, conceived to enhance the preciousness of the chrome plated brass, a specialization of  Foresti & Suardi.

Choosing the cylinder as the basic shape is certainly a winning choice in terms of elegance and adaptability to any type of environment, and its declination generates different types of appliqués, ceiling and suspended lamps. They are available in two different diameters, 70 and 90 millimeters, and with different lengths.

The quality of the base materials and the specific application to the marine environment, a lot more hostile than a normal residential context, can be seen also from the special treatment used for any metallic component of a Foresti & Suardi’s product.

This added characteristic does not exclude, of course, the possibility of using the ALHENA series in residential, expositive or commercial contexts, thanks to the engineering of a wide range of fastening systems, and also thanks to the already mentioned formal cleanness and elegance, allowing to give style and character to a whole environment in a discreet and coherent way, and with endless lighting configurations.

As usual, Foresti & Suardi implements state of the art technology within its products, in this case power leds with dimmer capacity, and a 60° high efficiency diffuser.