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UCINA-Fondazione Edison: a 7,5 % growth expected in the national nautical industry


ucina-fondazione-edison-romaA new collaboration agreement between UCINA Confindustria Nautica and Fondazione Edison has been signed to establish a partnership in the analysis of economical data and the nautical market.
The agreement, presented last week in Rome at the Federazione del Mare – which UCINA is associated with since 1994 – will see Fondazione Edison as scientific partner of UCINA in the analysis of economical data and markets for the maritime and nautical companies.
The results of such analysis will be funneled in a new editorial format, called La Nautica in Cifre (The Nautical Industry in Numbers), which will be first presented at the Genoa Boat Show 2016 next September.
The new editorial format will still provide the usual analysis of the sales volume, but with a focus on the dynamics of the Italian production: Fondazione Edison will provide an in-depth analysis of the exports of the sector and an innovative analysis of the importance of the nautical industry in the local economies, with a special focus on the territories specialized in the production of the leisure boats. Professor Fortis will also give his contribution in form of a comment upon the general trends in the sector, with a distinguished interpretation of its economic dynamics.
Carla Demaria, Ucina’s President, commented: “UCINA represents 300 companies, 500 brands, the 70% of the nautical and related industry. In Europe, it is the association with the biggest representation of the shipbuilding industry, which means a bigger representation in the territory and a better understanding of the dynamics of the sector. The choice of Edison was made because of the importance they have always given, in their research, to the local systems whose role in Italy is fundamental for the industrial competitiveness, which is even more important in the nautical industry”.
Marco Fortis, Professor at Università Cattolica,  Vicepresident of the Fondazione Edison, and economical advisor for Palazzo Chigi, commented: “The Italian nautical sector is the crown-jewel of the Made in Italy, not only for the numbers of its turnover, the occupation, the export an contribution to the commercial balance in Italy, but also for its unusual mix of tradition and design on one hand, and innovation and technology on the other hand. In the products of excellence of the Italian nautical industry, and in particular in yachts, such important components of the Made in Italy blend in an harmonious way. From our shipyards vessels are born combining an inimitable design and quality furniture with the most advanced technologies of innovative materials, motors and electronics. While the Industry 4.0 is making its appearance in the world, Italy has already entered in the Nautical Industry 4.0 and is always looking forward to the future.”
During the presentation of the agreement, a preview of the collected data has been presented: a positive trend is expected for the Italian nautical industry with a growth of about 7,5%. The growth observed in the sector of accessories and motors (for the outboard trade, in the last two years, the growth has been of 40%), is encouraging for the whole industry.
The signs of the recovery of the sector have been confirmed by Assilea, too: the internal market is starting to grow again as a result of the positive outcome of the Genoa Boat Show, which saw a +50% increase of the contracts stipulated right after the event. Compared to the same period last year, during the first five months of 2016 the contracts of the Italian nautical leasing have increased of 44% in number of contracts and of +26% in value (+30% if we only consider pleasure yachts without the rental services), confirming the positive effect of the Genoa Boat Show.