Ucina Confindustria Nautica and Nautica Italiana: the confrontation has finally started


demaria-e-tacoliYesterday, Ucina Confindustria Nautica and Nautica Italiana had a meeting in Rome, at the Ministry of the Economic Development, at the presence of the Undersecretary General Ivan Scalfarotto.
The confrontation, strongly wanted by the Minister of the Economic Development Carlo Calenda, has finally started right after a successful edition of the Genoa Boat Show – organised by Ucina – which was deserted by Nautica Italiana’s associate brands. The aim of the meeting, according to the Minister, was to seek peace between the two associations: peace may not be as close, but a common strategy on events is starting to be discussed.
Carla Demaria, Ucina’s President, so commented the meeting: “A positive meeting. The openness we have been having for two years have found the evaluation from the companies who left Confindustria. To them we confirmed the great willingness to evaluate how to integrate the Genoa Boat Show with events of the sector and complementary events. It has been a constructive meeting and we have agreed on the realization of a feasibility analysis”.
Lamberto Tacoli, President of Nautica Italiana, commented: “The feeling is of a constructive meeting. During the meeting, calmly and openly, we started the analysis from opposing positions. We wish that the confrontation keeps on in the mutual respect. In particular, Nautica Italiana will be working on the most delicate aspects such as location and governance, with the awareness that the aim is to define together a strategy of more nautical events during the year, which would be winning and competitive on an international point of view, a launching pad for the development of the Italian nautical industry and useful to the sector.”
It is clear that Ucina wants Genoa to be the leading nautical event in Italy, even though willing to support other events for the industry, and that, on the other hand, Nautica Italiana wishes to have a dedicated event for the luxury yacht world. The feasibility study which has been announced during the meeting will help defining the possibilities and agreements concerning further events. Less agreement was found concerning governance: Ucina, as well as Giovanni Toti, President of the Region of Liguria, suggests a public-private company including I Saloni Nautici Spa, the company belonging to Ucina which is currently organizing the Genoa Boat Show, and private companies (so to open the organization to the brands belonging to Nautica Italiana). Nautica Italiana, on the other hand, would want the same importance as an association in the organization company.
Even though many issues are yet to be agreed about, the confrontation has, at least, started: together with the Undersecretary General Ivan Scalfarotto, the two associations will hopefully meet again soon and work together on a shared strategy to promote and enhance the national nautical industry.


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