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Fiera di Genova and the Genoa Boat Show, by November the road map to create the newco


Salone Nautico: inaugurata rassegna, e' proiettata sul mareThe associates of Fiera di Genova are ready to create the newco which will become the managing society to enhance the area and that would also manage the Genoa Boat Show. By November a road map will be defined to create such newco by next Spring, right after pondering all conditions.
Meanwhile, the newco has already been shaped in a meeting of stakeholders, to which the President of the Region of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, the Major of Genoa Marco Doria, the Councilors to the Economic Development and the Municipal Budget Emanuele Piazza and Francesco Miceli, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Paolo Odone and the Secretary General Maurizio Caviglia also took part.
The newco will include part of the company which has been organising the events and part of the employees of the Fiera, it will be a 60% public and 40% private enterprise. The Region of Liguria, the Municipality of Genoa and the Chamber of Commerce will be part of the company, all with similar shares. Ucina and Nautica Italiana will also be allowed to take part in the company, which will include Saloni Nautici, Ucina’s company which has been organising the Genoa Boat Show.
The clear aim of the stakeholders is to gather all forces to enhance Genoa as Capital of the Nautical Industry, which means to confirm the next edition of the Genoa Boat Show in 2017 as main event of the industry, with possible side events in Tigullio and the Blueprint, and to keep the Fiera in constant activity all throughout the year.


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