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Sarco, the latest 19-metre yacht concept by Timur Bozca


timur-bozca_sarcoYacht designer Timur Bozca unveiled his latest 19-metre luxury yacht concept. The yacht concept has been called Sarco and named after the Sarcosuchus Crocodile whose head shapes inspired the overall exterior design. Blending automotive and yacht design, Sarco features a dramatic, sharp and dynamic shape.
To be built in carbon fibre, the yacht will boast a modern surface design and sleek sculptural shapes.
The pillar runs from the front towards the rear representing the energy shooting from the front to the rear and it reverses back to the front from under the side glasses. The arced body surface also supports the upper side glass connecting with the lower glass to form a unique iconic shape.
The highly performing twin MTU V10 2000 M94 engines, which allow for a top speed of 53 knots, are shown through the rear glass cabinet, which connects to the sun bed.
A perfect balance between exterior and interior has been obtained through a seamless flow of surfaces in symmetry, enhancing the sense of beauty and comfort.
“You will find the same sort of simplicity and purity on the inside extremely user-friendly while always adhering to our high standards in terms of aesthetics and attractive appearance and use of materials. The idea was to convey lightness and spacious feel in a compact area. Use of smart OLEDs for lighting and display gives a very crisp appeal. Over all design visions towards showing a futuristic feel along with homely comfort to make the user feel fresh and yet cozy” commented Timur Bozca.