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L’Amage, the latest 190-metre superyacht concept by Milan-based HBD Studios


hbd-studiosHBD Studios unveiled their latest 190-metre superyacht concept at the last edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. The project, dubbed L’Amage, has been created in collaboration with Christoph Kuhnert of Yacht Naval Architects in Hamburg.
Flat panel satellite technology by Kymeta has been incorporated to entirely replace the domes on top of the vessel. Such technology can be installed anywhere behind the exterior walls of the superstructure and a slimmer antenna mast can be designed, saving weigth and freeing up space in the sundeck area.
Hamid Bekradi, HBD Studios’ owner and founder, so commented the project:
“This project was a challenge to see how far we can take the exterior styling of a superyacht towards a modern and futuristic look, which is still feasible based on today’s available technologies. My background is in car design, so in this project I applied a similar approach to that of the ‘show cars’ whereby lowering the concerns over the budget, designers will be given more freedom to envision ideas and solutions that normally could not be obtained in a project with tight budget limits.”
“Once these new and visionary ideas and solutions are created then there will be the possibility to modify and re-engineer some of them in order to make them applicable to a more ‘ordinary’ project with limited budget. In other words, adapting them to today’s technology and manufacturing techniques. That’s how new input can be inserted in the industry.”
“We know that there might be just a few individuals in the world who can possibly commission the build of a superyacht the size of L’Amage, but the design features and solutions that were created for this project, could easily be scaled down and applied on smaller yachts, let’s say a 90 metre superyacht or a 75 metre explorer version, for which we already have an interested client.”
The vessel will provide comfortable accommodation for up to 30 guests and 70 crew members.
L’Amage will be able to reach a top speed of 32 knots and a range of about 6,000 nm, thanks to the 95,000 hp generated by her two diesel engines running together with two gas turbines.