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The new climma multi-stage variable speed serie


dc50-hdAfter 3 years from the new Climma DC Inverter chillers, Veco introduces a new range of variable speed chillers as multistage system with a unique Climma centralized control. The new system allows capacities from 10,000 up to 260,000 Btu power, using from 1 up to 4 compressors. Climma’s new variable speed chillers are programmed to run at the optimum speed for any given ambient temperature, significantly improving both the comfort on-board and energy efficiency; heating and cooling capacity is managed by the Climma Intelligent Control unit (CIC) which uses specially configured algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency. Unique in the marine industry, Climma’s water cooled inverter protects the DC brushless compressor from excessive temperature, allowing it to be installed in the engine room without additional ventilation. While Climma inverter ensures 0 start-up current.


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